Five people and a dog standing in the middle of a sunlit field. Each person is holding a variety of weapons, and their clothes have a bit of orange on them with a phoenix logo.

The Story

of The End of the Line
The End of the Line

Tales tell of a great utopian society of old, one which rivaled the heavens. The greatness of the world before only exists in vague histories and remnants of its artifacts, however. This world exists only through these stories, as the world that once was has ceased to be.

A utopian city with flying vehicles in the background, painted on a wall.
A giant figure peering over a burning city, with many red faces in the background smiling, painted on a wall.

A great evil made itself known to the world, one with a desire to destroy and conquer the great world that the humans had built. She crowned herself to be the "Queen of Devils," and she and her many subjects ruthlessly attacked this great utopia, massacring many of its people. And though the people had won their battle in the end, it came at a great cost.

The Rot

In her last moments, the Queen cursed and plagued the lands. From her fingers sprung a great white rot which would consume the earth. Clinging on to the forests, it slowly began to spread, taking more and more of the land day by day. Though the Queen was gone, the very land that the people had called home was ravaged by this white rot. The people of this world now had to adjust to a new way of life. For generations, people would work to rebuild the world that they had lost. Taking shelter in their once-abandoned cities and fighting against the new dangers of this world, the people fiercely fought to live on.

A tall and mysterious figure holds her hands out, as white strings come from her hands to stretch towards vegetation. Painted on a wall.
A futuristic city built among ruins of a destroyed city.
Hope's End

Time passed, and people adjusted to this new way of life. Survival was difficult, but they walled themselves into their remnants of society, shielding themselves from the dangers of the outside. But this peace would not last forever. The white rot continued to expand, and safe land diminished with each passing day. In time, this rot would suffocate all of the remaining land, leaving nothing for the people anymore.

The residential district of Hopes End. Many ramshackle buildings can be seen.

Your Home

Hope's End

One of the remnants of past societies, Hope's End is where your adventure will begin. Centered around a great train station, Hope's End was home to many Railors who set out towards the End of the Line. This once bustling city of survivors has become rather empty in recent years.

The Broadcast

As hope began to die out, a strange phenomenon occured which would forever change this world. The remnants of past technology that had been long since dead began to spark to life. Radio frequencies, televisions, and more began to project messages and images. Just one sentence was uttered, one which would incite the many people of this world into action...


Following this announcement, adventurers known as Railors restored the great trains of the past and set forth on the rails, traveling towards the End of the Line. However, this hope did not last, as years would pass, and not one of the Railors would ever return.

Five people and a dog standing in the middle of a sunlit field. Each person is holding a variety of weapons, and their clothes have a bit of orange on them with a phoenix logo.


The Railors

Those who sought to travel towards the End of the Line were then known as Railors. These people restored the great trains of the past and sought to seek out the mysteries presented by the broadcast. Just what awaits them at the End of the Line? Why has no Railor ever returned from their expedition?

The Conductor

You are the Conductor—a resident of Hope's End, and the child of two parents who left in search of the End of the Line. You were left in the care of your parents' friend, Belko.

Living in Hope's End for all of your life, you've witnessed it slowly diminish. At the same time your parents had left, many other people have as well, all in search of the End of the Line. None of them have ever returned, leaving Hope's End's population severely cut, and many of its younger residents without parents.

Through some strange circumstances, it has now become time for you, too, to travel towards the End of the Line. In search of your parents, in search of a better tomorrow, or in search of an answer to the happenings of this world - the PHX-00 awaits you.

The masculine and feminine conductors on a piece of paper taped to the page.


Through a series of strange events, the Conductor has ended up in charge of an expedition to the End of the Line. Where no Seeker has ever returned, the Conductor and their crew are adamant to be the ones who reach the end and restore what once was.

Now you, as the Conductor, must lead the Railors who have become faithful to your cause. Some of the people of Hope's End as well as their Scavengers have joined your team, and more people will join you as you travel towards the End of the Line. The train PHX-00 is now your home on the rails. There's no going backwards on this rail, so it's time to push forward with confidence, to find what truly resides at the end of the tracks.

The world of The End of the Line awaits!

The story of The End of the Line here is only the beginning. The walls of the Hope's End confine your world, but the Queen's Forest is vast. In The End of the Line, you will explore the world with your crew of Railors, setting forth towards the End of the Line.

As the Conductor, you will lead your Railors on this journey and define fate in your own way. Your decisions will have impacts on the story, so be cautious as you travel towards the End of the Line.

An image of a train on a weathered piece of paper. A stamp is on top, labeled Good luck Railors.