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The End of the Line has a very strong emphasis on worldbuilding, and the story is integral to this game. In The End of the Line, you must take your crew of Railors to search for the End of the Line, a supposed end to the long railroad that stretches through the thought-to-be-endless Queen's Forest. We took an approach in our game where your decisions have an impact on the story of the game, in both short and long-term ways. If you want to learn more about the game, check out the Game Guide section, as well as the Story and Gameplay sections.

We chose this format because we saw that there was a real opportunity for storytelling in this market. People often cite "the story" as their reason for playing, so we decided to double down on that. We also saw that many games were being unfair in their monetization and wanted to change that. A Gacha game allows everyone to play the entirety of the story content and events without paying a cent, but also allows us to continue developing the game. Finally it lets us add a whole bunch of cool characters and stories over time, which we couldn't do in a normal RPG format.

We are a startup game company working on our first game, The End of the Line: New Age. What started as a university project has grown into a full blown company. We're excited to produce this game and many more in the future.

As of right now, we unfortunately don't have a release date. However, we are working every week on The End of the Line, and if you're interested in seeing our development as we get closer to release, check out our Blog page!

Even after we release our game, we plan to continue making content for The End of the Line for a long time to come. New chapters will be written, new characters will be released, and new ways to enjoy the game will come with our major updates.

At release, we will have The End of the Line available on iOS and Android devices. We understand that many people like to play games like these on emulators too. While our game is not built focused on that, we have developed our game in a way that it will also function on an emulator should you want to play it in that way.

Yes, we plan for our game to have multiple multiplayer options. In addition to having basic friends list functions, there will also be asynchronous cooperative and PvP modes.

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