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Meet the crew!

Legio Vox Studios is defined by our crew members. If you're interested in joining our crew, you can learn some more about our crew members here.

Hear it from our crew:


Calvin, a Legio Vox Studios employee.

Legio Vox has been an incredible company to work for. I have felt the company cares about me and my career, has nurtured my skills, and has provided me the tools to continue to succeed and learn. The team is very friendly, open, and quick to help. I have found that if I need to ask someone about a task, I can pop into a voice chat with them at any time. They are always happy and ready to talk to me and help with any situation. I've felt a strong bond with this team over the past year I've worked with them, and I can wholeheartedly offer my recommendation to anyone who is considering working with our company.



Working as a UI designer for Legio Vox Studios has been an absolute blast! This game studio is filled with talented and passionate individuals. As a UI designer, I get to be part of the creative process from start to finish, collaborating with some of the most talented artists, designers, and developers. The management team at Legio Vox is extremely supportive and willing to provide resources to help us succeed. So, if you’re looking to take your skills to the next level, come join the Legio Vox Studios team and let's create some awesome games together!



Working at Legio Vox has been one of the most satisfying work experiences I've had, especially when it comes to company culture and leadership. I feel like I've grown as an artist thanks to the guidance and feedback of the team. I've been met with many exciting and unique challenges for UI art on this project, as I have been given tons of encouragement to try new things, time to explore a new concept further, and a ton of support from the UI designer on my team. Also, a lot of spicy takes on current game news. Keeps things fresh.


Chelsea, a Legio Vox Studios employee.

Working at Legio Vox Studios has been a fantastic experience. As a game tester, I'm given the flexibility of checking any parts of the game that I need to, and am able to directly ask my coworkers for insight or assistance when needed. Everyone on the team is friendly, so it makes it that much more enjoyable to not only brainstorm on bug fixes, but converse about upcoming features.



Legio Vox Studios has such a fun company culture that really fosters my creativity as a composer. I can always count on my coworkers to provide me with positive and constructive feedback and also motivate me with their amazing talents; their artwork, stories, and game/UI design is endlessly inspiring whenever I am writing music. I look forward to coming into work every day so I can not only give my best effort with my music, but also spend the work day with people who I genuinely enjoy collaborating with.



Working at Legio Vox Studios has been an absolute joy. From day one, I felt welcomed into the team. My colleagues and supervisors have always been understanding when I've needed time off or had personal issues to deal with. They truly care about their employees and prioritize their well-being and mental health. The flexibility of working at Legio Vox Studios has also been a game-changer for me especially since the birth of my very first child. Above all, the people at Legio Vox Studios are what make it such a wonderful place to work. Everyone is friendly and supportive, and I feel like I'm part of a team that is working together towards a common goal. Overall, I can't imagine working anywhere else.

An image of a bedroom with the masculine and feminine conductors in front of it. The image is labeled "Careers - Legio Vox Studios." An image of a bedroom with the masculine and feminine conductors in front of it. The image is labeled "Careers - Legio Vox Studios."

Sorry, no open positions at the moment!

All of our positions are filled at this time. But worry not, as we continue to work, we'll need more people in our crew. Check up on this page every now and then to see if we have any open positions!

A little bit about working here...

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We welcome you

It's our diverse crew that makes work as fun as it is challenging. Be confident that you will feel welcome here. Gaming and movie nights will have you excited to work with your new batch of friends in no time.

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Own your work

Independently represent your work. Go big, take risks, and take ownership of the outcome.

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Our win is your win

Our studio's victory is everyone's victory - receive bonuses based off of the success of our games.

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Your opinion matters here

Playtest our games in development and witness the games being built within our different departments. Everyone contributes to the growth of our games in their own way!

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Remote work has its perks

Our crew meets through Discord, where we start each day discussing the latest in gaming news. We all work remotely in a voice call setting, and meeting with another employee only takes a click!