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Where fate is in your hands
About Us

Legio Vox Studios is a fully remote team focusing on creating new worlds through mobile game development. Using the Unity game engine, 2D illustrations, and elaborate narratives, we create a riveting world for all players to experience.

Our company believes in a collaborative creative process in which all team members, regardless of position, can have their voices heard and felt. We are dedicated to avoiding toxic crunch culture via teamwork, communication, and planning. Our team is excited to share The End of the Line with you, and hopefully many more future titles.

The logo of Legio Vox Studios (an eye in between four column ends) in a photo frame.


Our mission is to create living, compelling, and mysterious worlds and share those worlds with our players through engaging narrative focused games that respect our players' time and money.

Our Team

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The Origin Story

Originally pitched and selected as a University project, The End of the Line has come quite a long way. After a full year of blood, sweat, and tears, we crafted a proof of concept that received great reception at our local Game Expo. For the following two years, we continued working on the game, building our team, and growing our scope.

We founded Legio Vox not only to produce and publish The End of the Line: New Age, but also to help create a company that we believe in.

A graphic showing the artistic evolution of the game's protagonist, the Conductor, from the years 2018 to 2022. A graphic showing changes in the design of the Conductor throughout the years of 2018-2022
the conductor throughout the years (2018-2022)
The pitch cover for the End of the Line: New Age.
Original Pitch cover (2018)